Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Updated Look

This is the new template. You'll notice that the archive dates are now to the right, as well as a list of links. There is also an option to subscribe to my blog, so you get notified of new postings tout de suite. You've all been begging for that feature, I know.

There is also a way now for you to comment on each postings. (See it down at the end?) Derek asked for that specifically.

I''m working on a few cosmetic glitches now. For instance, I have no idea why SOME OF THE POSTING ARE IN ALL CAPS. Or why some of my archives appear in the old template format. It's quite infuriating. I also can't get the Blogger and backBlog links to go to the right place. I am no HTML coder. I just keep cutting and pasting things until they work. If anybody has any suggestions (on the coding, Derek) I'd welcome them.


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