Monday, December 31, 2007


Some friends of mine have an annual swingin' holiday party that is always a "can't miss" event. It's pretty much guaranteed that I'll see half a dozen or so high school friends that have strewn themselves across the country. It's the kind of party that always includes a cold keg, sarma in a crock pot, and karaoke in the basement. I unfortunately had to leave early, because, well, being hung over with a soon to be three-year-old sucks, so I only caught a few tunes. I believe they were, no particular order:

Sarah, Smile
Sunday Girl
Mr. Brownstone
Me and Bobby McGee
Jackson, sung as a duet
[a couple others I know I'm omitting]

"Jackson" has experienced a bit of revival due to the success of Walk the Line. But all I can think of when I hear it is The Meadows radio commercial circa late 70s. Anybody else remember this jingle? Lyrics were something like:

We're going down to The Meadows
[something, something] racing track
We're going down to The Meadows
And we're never turning back[...]
[...]fast racing action
And that's a natural fact.

I searched hard for some audio, but came up with nothing. If anyone can find this for me, I'll send you a cheesecake.

(I did uncover this gem during my searches. Enjoy.)

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