Thursday, June 05, 2003

OK, So Back to the Weird Dreams
Today my horoscope said that I may be having some "prophetic" dreams in the next few days. I'm to write down anything "particularly significant," as I'll want to remember it for later. (Probably so tomorrow's horoscope will make sense.) So, here you go.

Last night I dreamt I was on a field trip with a bunch of high school students. We were on a yellow school bus. The driver seemed to be lost, driving in circles. I was looking out the window watching the scenery, when suddenly I yelled, "I know where we are!"

All of the students looked at me, expecting an answer. "We're in Denmark."

"We should be coming up on a landmark pretty soon," I continued.

The bus was driving down a narrow dirt path through a wooded area. The light dappled. Birds twittered. To my right about ten feet beyond the path, the earth sloped steeply down towards a ravine. Wood scaffolding, wheels and cogs contained and controlled the trickling of a small stream.

"There it is." My fellow students push to see what I see. "The old mill."

Or I may have said "still." My memory is murky here. So the significance of my dream rests between either refined grains or White Lightning.


But Wait, There's More
I had another dream. I often dream in vignettes, which may explain why I prefer short stories to novels. In this dream I was holed up in a castle that was under siege. I crouched in a tower, my crossbow resting on my lap. A comrade filled me in on the progress of the battle so far. As he spoke I saw images of the battle, like a flashback. It was very Lord of the Ringsy. Very grey. Lots of stone and mud.

Up to this point, we had been winning because we had enlisted the help of a sorcerer who cast a spell that reanimated our fallen warriors of past battles. But our enemies tricked the ghosts, corralling them all into an active volcano. [Image of these very white, cereal-marshmallow type ghosts being stuffed into the bubbling lava by screatching vulture-like birds.]

"So all is lost," sighed my fellow knight. We awaited our impending doom, the castle shaking with the force of the battering ram.

"But wait!" [An ephiphany.] "You can't just re-kill ghosts in a volcano!"

[Image of ghosts emerging from the volcano, slightly toasted. With spectral fists raised, they whoosh back towards the castle to kick the bad guys' asses.] "WE ARE SAVED!" we shout in unison and cock our crossbows with renewed purpose.

I'd give you a description of the battle, but sadly this is where I woke up.

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