Tuesday, June 03, 2003

A Note About Dreams
I've been known to have some pretty strange dreams. (Not sure how to link to this exact entry, so scroll to the end of the page to "What Am I Eating?".) But last night I had a really normal, rather boring dream. Here's the entire transcript:

Unknown, Faceless Woman: You smell nice, what are you wearing?
Me: (sniffing arm) Jergens.
UFW: Original scent? Cherry Almond?
Me: Yeah.
UFW: Hmm.


I dunno. I really do wear Jergens Original Scent lotion, and I normally put some on right before I go to sleep. Why I had that dream last night--and not, say, every night--beats me. Perhaps my unconscious self thought that I had too much excitement in my conscious state. "No more stimulation for you, young lady."

Rick, the Closeted Basketball Fan
I told my husband about the dream I had. It's always fun talking to him in the morning. Being a night person he is generally pretty groggy, if not still sleeping, when I try to discuss matters of pressing importance such as my banal (or insipid?) dreams. But Rick was unusually chatty this morning. He told me about a dream he had; here's a snippet of our conversation:

Rick: I was walking around with this bunch of guys and we were being shot at. It was a drive-by shooting.
Me: Who were you walking around with?
Rick: The Dallas Mavericks.
Me: Is that their hockey team?
Rick: Baskeball.
Me: But we live in Cleveland.
Rick: Uhn.
Me: You'd think you'd dream about the Cavs.
Rick: It wasn't the Mavericks.
Me: No?
Rick: It was the San Antonio Spurs.
Me: That'll teach you to hang out with professional basketball teams from Texas.
Rick: Yeah.

I thought this was a rather intriguing dream, mostly because Rick's sport-watching preference goes something like this: FOOTBALL -> BASEBALL -> HOCKEY -> WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL POOL -> HURLING -> CURLING -> ICE DANCING -> BASKETBALL.

I'll be checking for hidden Mengke Bateer jerseys when I get home.

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