Thursday, May 29, 2003

I Learned-ed It
Visit these places if you long to get back to your inner geek:

Check out this awesome exhibit housed on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh website. Everything you every wanted to know about the history of many Pittsburgh neighborhoods including Lawrenceville and the Strip District. Need more Pittsburgh history? Learn about the Bridges of Pittsburgh. I spent about two hours on this site yesterday. It's really interesting. A la "Things That Aren't There Anymore."

Try your luck with the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee. Scroll down to the 'Interactive' link in the left margin of the article (can't link directly to the Javascript, apparently). I didn't get any further than the sixth word in Game 1. I still can't find the word for a "fleshy peltate cone of the cypress tree," let alone spell it.

Learn about highway route marker signs. This link will explain the ever-alluring Allegheny County Belt Route System. It's all about the ROY G BIP.

Men are good at science. Women are good at liberal arts. Take an Implicit Association Test from those crazy cats at Harvard.

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