Friday, March 14, 2003


My home away from home. I think this is the 5th time in 2 years I've been here for work. It's a nice city, though. And I get to catch up on my movies while I'm shacked up in the hotel. I watched Adaptation last night. Really a good flick if you haven't seen it. Lots of strange twists (same screen writer and director for Being John Malcovich)--a completely unpredictable plot turn near the end of the movie. A nice, complex character for Nick Cage, a la Leaving Las Vegas. And Meryl. Gotta love her.

Heading back tonight. Rick's meeting me at the airport--an unusual Friday night off for him. I haven't slept well over the past two days, though, I'll probably just head to bed. Last night I was convince the Luftwasa was buzzing my hotel. It was apparently just the air conditioner. Compounded by all of my existing war fears, I got pretty spooked. I had to get up out of bed and check my closets and behind the curtains. I was convinced members of the Axis of Evil were lurking everwhere.

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