Thursday, February 06, 2003

What Am I Eating?

I've had a couple of really weird dreams the past couple of nights. Here's one:

Rick and I are walking through one of those 'big box' stores...Target, WalMart, you pick...and we come upon a stock boy who has a big, grey dog on a leash. Looks like an Irish Wolfhound (the dog, that is). The stock boy offers to give us the dog, and we take it home with us. I don't really remember any conversation between us, we just accept the dog as a gift. From the stock boy. Huh.

This one I had last night:
In the beginning of the dream I'm pregant, and I'm surrounded by family, and everyone is asking me if I know the sex. In the midst of all of this, a strange gypsy-like woman appears and tells me if I want to know the sex of the baby, I should make this special, mystical soup. So we get a big bowl and start mixing all sorts of weird stuff in it, like raw eggs, yogurt, pureed fruit and herbs. She tells me to look in the bowl and the soup will tell me the sex of my baby and what I will name it. The soup tells me I'm going to have a girl, and her name will be "Ambrosia."

"Ambrosia?!?" I holler. "I'm not naming any kid of mine 'Ambrosia.'"

Then the dream fast forwards, and I'm having the baby. It doesn't appear that I'm in labor or experiencing any pain, I'm just 'having a baby.' The baby comes and it's a boy, about a year and a half old. The boy looks a lot like Rick as a baby: he's very blond and cherubic. Oddly, the baby can speak, in complete sentences, and we start to have conversations about the gypsy woman. He thanks me for not naming him 'Ambrosia.'

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