Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Status Report
"I'm not insulting people who live in cities ... it's just that ... things are moving too fast. For what? For what? It's not like they go so fast so everyone has four hours of peacefulness. Like they can get more done in a half hour. So now they can do more of this ... they're not leaving a gap. It's just more fastness. It goes all the way until you sleep. If you don't watch out ... you can be ... the next thing you know they're burying you - and you just ran around all the time." --Steven Wright in an interview with Time Out New York (1999)

Steven's Wright
I don't even have time to write my own interpretation of the State of the Union. (Although not so busy to come up with that thoroughly origional calembour.) This one sums up my thought's pretty well.

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