Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Everybody's Going to Texas

Well, it's Tuesday night and I should be packing for my next work trip. This time I'm off to Houston. These blog musings have been few and far between for the past few weeks as I've been busy as all hecks. I've never been to Texas. Literally or figuratively (it's a dirty, dirty joke), but I'm excited to go.

Last week I was up in Ottawa training a new employee. The Senators were playing that Wednesday. The girls at the office told me that they were playing Philadelphia. Who wants to see the Flyers play? Turns out they were playing the Penguins. Well that's different. My hotel was in Kanata, which is where the arena is, and I hear there were plenty of extra tickets. Oh well, I missed out on that. But I'm pretty sure there were Pittsburgh hockey players staying in my hotel. I was having breakfast the next morning and a rather beefy and cute guy wearing a Penn State hat sat near me. I can't imagine that many Canadians went to Penn State -- although they do have a great college hockey team. And of course there was the gigantic touring bus with the Pennsylvania plates. A dead giveaway, if you ask me.

My husband is currently setting up version 2.0 of our website, where this blog will probably be housed soon. He's drinking a beer that I bought for him specially at the LCBO. It's called Wellington Imperial Stout. "A Big Beer", as he put it...lots of coffee and chocolate flavors. Quite tasty if you like the imps...8% abv. Doesn't make the book, though.

Speaking of books I've been reading quite a bit during all of my travels (12 hours total last week flying or in airports). Finished Personal History by Katherine Graham recently. A must read for all of you would-be media moguls out there. Nearly through with Memoirs of a Geisha, also a fine, fine read.

Planning for my girlfriends baby shower and the holidays in general...busy lots to do.

Hope you all voted today!

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