Thursday, March 13, 2008

Norka Orange

I love Dooce's design posts, and today's post came with a research challenge. Norka Orange soda. What do we know about it? Well, it tastes better, that's a given, but we need to dig deeper.

After a quick Google search we learn that Norka is Akron spelled backwards. Apparently lots of things are called "Norka" in Akron. The phenomenon made it into fiction, and is a joke among the Akron "hipsters." I've been to Akron. There are no hipsters. Well, I guess Blossom Amphitheater is pretty close to Akron, and I've been to some pretty cool shows at Blossom, so maybe there are a few hipsters. Who am I to knock Akron? The city has quite a notable history. There is a NORKA of Akron site, which you really should go visit. That's Northeaster Ohio's Researchable Kriptids Accounts.

The most important lesson I have learned from my experiences, is that we will be judged by how well we treat the other animal species with whom we share our planet. --Richard James La Monica Sr.

I was the 11,111 visitor to his site. Creepy.

We bought a futon from Norka Futon when we lived in Cleveland. It was, like, $800. But it was our couch and our bed for awhile, so I guess we got our money's worth. Plus we donated it to my 20 year old college-student cousin, so, you know, there's a whole new generation barfing and humping on that futon.

Norka bottle photo to the right courtesy of this guy, who seems to really enjoy soda research.

I thought "akron prohibition soft drinks" would be the money search, but...alas. I did pull up this interesting biography. Burkhardt Brewery (Wolf Ledge Brewery) did produce Burkhardt's Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Parfay, and Orange Dee-Light, but no Norka Orange.

Norka Malted Oats were a non-noteworthy product of the pure foods movement. The movement chronicled best in the classic Road to Wellville.

And what the hell is this? Seems to be some malfecious content gleaning here. Apparently this guy wants to sell the domain, too. Just "emain" him and it's yours.

Norka made the "Best Worst and Most Unusual."

Umm...Urban Dictionary...not going to link to it.

"Norka" is most likely a girl's name, and shares similar popularity with "Silvennoinen." If I ever have a daughter, I'm definitely naming her Norka Silvennoinen. She is going to be so popular!

So what did we learn? A lot of random, useless things about Norka. This is precisely why I never went to grad school. I like to do the research, but I can never come up with a good conclusion.


WINERAK said...

The Norka
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The Norka is also the name of a restaurant in Akron, Colorado.

Pho said...

Loved the post. Once upon a time there were many Norka brands here in Akron, including Norka Soda of which the orange was but one flavor.

And by the way, Akron does have hipsters, but I am not one of them.