Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day

The content of this post was forwarded to me from my friend Sin-Jin (nom de courrier électronique), who doesn't have a blog but should because he is brilliant, passionate and insane. He may have been drinking during this spout of Irish goodness, but it's more likely that he was just being Sin-Jin.

If you cherish your precious Celtic soul... and you haven't checked this out... rush out lads... "The Ballad of Ronnie Drew." Ronnie Drew - the Big Man from the Dubliners... a touching tribute to an Irish musical icon. This song is being sold as a benefit for the Irish Cancer Society. U2 ... Robert Hunter - lyricist for the Grateful Dead [really. you feckin hippies just can't be shut away can you?] ... Shane MacGowan ... Andrea Corr ... Christy Moore...Sinead O'Connor ... and of course The Dubliners... and more and marr... the list just goes on. The song is quite good ... but the live performance on Irish TV's analog of the David Letterman show ... it is quite the spectacle [and Andrea Corr - as always is quite the visual draw Herself...] Just seeing Shane MacGowan, once again proving that he actually still exists, is always worth the trip. For all you Bono-Haters ... and I have heard it all from You over and over... you will not be disappointed...he is out there in only He can be. the Poet - the Earnest One - the iconoclast - the Walking Caricature - the man who has touched so many of our hearts over the years ... and yet - for his views and his high profile - the guy every Hipster in the World seems to hate so vehemently. He's a good Irish lad - with a ridiculous moniker - and more sincerity in his heart than many could ever muster. take a few minutes if you like the Good 'ol Irish music our parents played on records in our houses when we were kids. The Dubliners have always kicked ass - and the little retrospective in this clip is nice tribute.

Also from Sin-Jin (we were honored to see Tommy Makem in his presence twice):
Watch a great Tommy Makem tribute on Irish tv RTE.

(Ed: Well, I'm not downloading RealPlayer, either, so just enjoy this one from Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers):

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