Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Pay Kinda Sucks, but It's All-You-Can-Eat Birthday Cake!

This item made me laugh out loud - not only for the insane image but the comment underneath that says, "Parents, here's a suggestion: stick with Chuck E. Cheese."

There is nothing on the planet - save the Big Red Bird - that my son is more petrified of than Chuck E. Cheese. Is it the sweaty adolescent in the rat suit? Is it the cacophony of sugar-crazed kids, plunking golden tokens, and blaring 80's-esque pop? Is it the freaky animatronic Munch's Make Believe Band?? (They don't really have that anymore - that's a leftover anxiety from my childhood closet.) Whatever the x-factor, a visit to Chuck E. Cheese is a guaranteed hour-long, screaming clingfest, accompanied with months of unprompted flashbacks: "Mom: I do not want the Cheese. No more Cheese."

Well, Kid, I promise not to torture you with the Cheese ever again, or at least until you decide you're too old to have a party at the Toy Lending Library. I will, however, keep at you about Red Robin. It's the only family-friendly restaurant we've found that serves good beer. And dammit, that's a rare find indeed.

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