Monday, February 25, 2008

'Member When?

My son is big time into story telling now, which is lots of fun. Today while we were driving home he piped up with this one.

TOMMY: Mommy, I'm going to tell you a story about milk. Want me to tell you a story about milk? Here's a story about milk. Once upon a time there was this big glass of milk who WORE RED SHOES.
(long pause)
ME: What was the milk's name, Tommy? (I mean, I needed to know more about this milk with the red shoes.)
TOMMY: His name waaaaas Diiideeeeeeeedoooowwwww.
(bursts into a rendition of BINGO.)

This is the longest original narrative I've heard from Tommy. Normally his stories are (amazingly accurate) recollections of brief images and memories. One of my favorites is: "Mommy, you member that time your toes took a bath with Aunt Annie?" This is, of course, about the time I got a pedicure with my sister-in-law.

And then there is: "Mommy, you member the time at the chicken nugget store when I had the teddy bear poopie?"

This one may need some explaining.

Pretty much any fast food place that has chicken nuggets is the chicken nugget store, although this particular time it was Chic-fil-A. We like that store because they have the indoor playground and it's right by a Get-Go, so you know, cheap gas. Chic-fil-A does have the worst toys for little kids. I suppose they are meant to be educational, but really, a flip book full of fun historical presidential facts (with First Lady trivia as a bonus!) is a bit astute for my three year old. He said "What do I do with this?" and chucked it like the Ralphie and Randy chucked their Christmas socks.

Half way through the chicken nuggets, Tommy has to go to the bathroom. As he is recently potty trained, a trip to the bathroom is an event worthy of fan fare. After a lengthy explanation as to why Mommy can't go into the boy's room, he follows me into the girls room and starts to do his business. Lately, he's into his privacy and makes me wait outside the stall.

"Mommy! Come look."


"Mommy. Look. I pooped a teddy bear."

Lord help me if that poop didn't look like a Teddy Graham. My kid is so damn cute he even poops cute.

Of course now every time we're in a public bathroom my cute kid yells at the top of his lungs: "MOMMY I POOPED ANOTHER TEDDY BEAR, COME LOOK!" And I cringe because I just know the other moms are thinking what is she teaching him!

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