Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pitts_urgh, I Can Live Without the "B"

I'm writing this post because I've found found little public outrage on the unceremonious removal of my favorite radio station for the last six months, 93.7 "The Zone", otherwise known as "The Man Station".

Overlooking the obvious pandering to the Jimmy Kimmel sect in the naming of the station, the most recent programming on the hottest real estate in Radioland had something unusual to offer Pittsburgh: local talent.

How much more canned air can you swallow, Pitt_urgh? Do we really need more programming that predominantly features Phil Collins and Mariah Carey?

Pitts_urgh, you invented radio, why can't you get it right? I guess it's back to my iPod for my afternoon commute.... And to think my faith in the medium had nearly been restored. This whole thing just stinks like week-old haluski.

Scott Paulson's website is here.
John McIntyre's blog is here.
Gab Bonnesso's website is here.
Staggy has no web presence, as far as I can tell.
Read about lots of radio folk of bygone days here.

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