Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sense of Timing

At a quarter to seven this morning my son crawled into our bed with his Aquadoodle and his Finding Nemo cell phone. The Aquadoodle is a nice, quiet toy, suitable for early morning fun, but the cell phone is not. It's little microchip features two recorded phrases from Nemo himself: "Hi there, I'm Nemo," and "Do you wanna come out to the reef with me?" My son will hit the button over and over again, forcing poor Nemo to utter his two little phrases until they mix and meld into a nightmarish house beat, syncopated by the occasional 3 second sample of 'Ode to Joy' performed on DTMF.

"Tommy, Mommy is trying to sleep."

"Mommy, the sun is up."

Yes, this is true. The sun did rise at 6:53 this morning. That, in my mind, does not make up for the fact that he wasn't sleeping until 10:30 last night at was up once before at 4 AM. I would like to be sleeping. So I try to switch the subject by quoting some lines from one of his favorite books.

The sun is up, the day is here
Up and at 'em, Engineer
"Mommy, there is no choo-choo. No story. The sun is up outside. It is time to get up."

Now who, really, can argue with that logic. Especially from a 2 1/2 year old.

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