Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Things

Blogger is now blocked by my company's Websense filter, so no more quickie posts between flight arrangements and invoice processing. Oh well. Hopefully my "heavy" usage didn't ruin it for other closet bloggers in my office. Hopefully my Windows login will work tomorrow AM. Dammit, my blog isn't nearly interesting enough to get dooced.

Playing with Google Reader now. Super way to search for and organize RSS feeds. The coolest part is the reader widget you can add to your blog. (À gauche.) While you're in your reader, you click on the "Share" button for the post you want to share, and it automatically clips it to your blog. Super fine. So I'm able to update my blog with articles, videos, and websites I find interesting, even if The Man is trying to stick it to me. (That is, until The Man blocks Google Reader.)

Farewell Gilmore Girls

I know I'm not the only one who sobbed. C'mon. The Smithereens??? "You've given me everything I need"??? C'mon! Pass the tissues.

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