Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you all had a good one. My friend and his wife had their first baby yesterday. Zoey Elizabeth. That's a very nice Mother's Day gift. After you get past the labor and delivery part.

My Mother's Day gift was the luxury of sleeping in until 10:30. Ahh. I enjoyed kicking my husband out of bed so he could work the early Elmo shift.

Later Rick took Tommy to visit his mom which gave me time to clean my house and make dinner for my mom. We had grilled pork roast that I did kinda Thai style: chili paste and garlic rub with a lime / cilantro / chili marinade. Coconut rice and Thai grilled veggies. Lemon-blueberry pound cake for dessert. (Last course was not very Thai, but it was still really good.) Rick is not a big Asian cuisine guy. While we enjoyed our nan and ginger dipping sauce, he chowed down on smoked sausage that was somehow infused with chili, cheese and onion flavoring. Basically an upscale Frankenstuff. I would have been more appalled if he hadn't washed all the dishes, including the crusty coconut rice pan.

My mom, my dad and I also transplanted a peony and weeded my back walkway. Tommy helped by moving some dirt between a bucket and a watering can. It was a beautiful day, the company was good, and the labor was satisfying. Infinitely better than fighting the lines at a Mother's Day brunch.

Toddler Transitioning

This morning Tommy transitioned out of the "young toddler" room at daycare to the "older toddler" room. Apparently he does not transition well. There was much wailing and gnashing of cute little baby teeth. I tried reasoning with him that his best friends Mason and Maddie were there to play with him. Still crying. That his rice krispies were getting soggy. More crying. His teacher had to pry him off of me so I could leave for work.

"He'll stop crying as soon as you leave."

Man, they always say that. Really it's not a very comforting sentiment when your child's cries of "No! NOOOO! MOMMY! MOMMY CAR! MOMMY CAR!" chase you down the hallway. But apparently they are right: Tommy is always happily playing the the gym when I pick him up in the afternoon. Sometimes he's even reluctant to leave. And you're like, Kid, they had to use the jaws of life to pull you off of me this morning. Show a little enthusiasm.

So I should probably stop feeling guilty about abandoning my child, because really he's fine. He's probably playing with Mason and Maddie as I write, and he probably ate his soggy rice krisipies. He's most certainly not sobbing and rocking in a corner while his sadistic teacher yells: "Mommy's gone! Now deal with it!"

That's most certainly not the case.

Happy Mother's Day!

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