Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Howdy Do
No posts for a while. Been pretty busy with work and such. Just finished week-long Supplier Meetings that entailed much contract negotiating. Sounds boring and tedious, eh? Luckily, I got to do the fun stuff, including harranguing the hotel catering staff and demanding more ham and cheese croissants.

I didn't really harrangue. I know better than to harrangue service staff. Otherwise, there would be more than ham in cheese in my croissants.

Speaking of... HOTLY anticipating the release of WAITing. Oh, wait? Has it already been released? Did I just pull a Jackie Harvey? I've never been a server, but I've been a hostess and a long-time barrista. I can safely say I have never peed in anyone's latte, but I have debated the topic at length with co-workers. Especially after serving the Bills.

Quick Baby Update

8 Months old
23 lbs
29.5 inches
Wearing 12-18 mo. clothing
Teething, incessantly
Crawling well
Great hand / finger control: manipulates toys well, passes objects back and forth, has the whole "throwing-things-on-the-ground" process down
Pulls himself to standing using furiniture, people, the cats (if they stand still long enough)
Beginning to creep (moving from immobile object to immobile object)
Beginning some bopping movements - possibly rudimentary dance
Eating some table foods, of the mushy variety
Still smiling tons
Babbling a dictionary
Has been to the zoo
Has been to a baseball game in the WESCO corporate box (yes, I know, we spoil him)

Balancing baby and work has been challenging at times, but getting better. I switched to a pediatrician that was closer to his daycare, so I could feasibly take him to a Dr. appointment during a (2 hr) lunch break.

I would like to spend more time with him. I cherish the three-day weekend, although it seems like even then our time is committed to home improvement projects or extended family / friends. (Not that that is a bad thing, it's just that the time slips away from you.)

Speaking of...gotta leave to go pick up the kid!

Recent pictures have been posted on our website, but here's a little sample.

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