Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Maybe I should post more often. Then I would have learned you can post pictures to your blog for free. This is pretty much the most recent picture of Tommy. He's sitting here with my Aunt Shirley, and despite using the red eye reduction, is looking rather possessed.

I am still making an effort to get more pictures posted to the site, but Mr. Nicol hogs the Mac every night, working diligently away at Album Cover Finder, and a new piece of software--so new, in fact, it is not yet named. So most of the pictures are old, relatively, given that the boy is only 5 1/2 months old.

Baby Things
Tommy is a long, long boy, and we've already had to retire the infant carrier you see here. His toes are hanging out the end.

If you lay him on his back on a blanket, he pretty much rolls over immediately. He like to roll to one side and hold on to his toes. Put him on his belly, and he makes a big fuss, but then pushes up on his arms to have a look, or rolls himself over. He's starting to play more purposefully with his toys, and will make a fuss if you try to take his favorites away from him.

Tommy is "talking" a lot more. He pretty much babbles, coos, hums, and squeals "like a mountain lion cub" (so says my mom) all of the time, and often in response to other people's talking or singing. Normally, Tommy's a pretty social baby, and we've learned we can a take him out to dinner as long as there is plenty to look at. He likes Rock Bottom Brewery, since they have that huge neon sign he can stare at.

Tommy also likes the water. We took him swimming for the very first time at the Wave Pool, where dad and I sat in the shallow end with him. After he got acclimated, we walked out a little deeper and let him feel the water up to his armpits (not during the waves, of course). He waffled between unsure and curious--never really afraid--and then as he got more comfortable, he smiled his big smile and started splashing.

This picture was taken during his second pool outing at my friend Amanda's. He has his Lil Swimmers and his Speedo cap on, so he's ready to go. We practice floating and avoiding bigger kids that splash.

The cool thing about babies this age is that everything is so new and they attracted to everything. this picture shows Tommy making friends with a smily face floaty.

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