Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wow, No Posts in November

I'm really slacking off.

Well, the month was short (only 30 days it hath, you know). It seemed to fly by. Not much new here. The crappy manager at the coffee shop left, which makes my job a little more enjoyable. Actually, I came to the realization that I really like slinging coffee. And I'm pretty much used to the hours at this point. We just opened a new store in Shadyside. Very swanky. It has a fireplace and sofas and stuff. And glassed-in conference rooms. It's just sometimes hard to justify being 29 and a barista. At least I don't work for Starbucks.

My job search continues, however. My mentor got a job as a dean at Chatham, so I'm hoping some more doors will open for me there.

Volunteered to be the advertising manager at my professional organization and working hard on updating their rate card / deadlines sheet. Also locating some organizations who may be interested in spending some money to advertise in our annual directory.

Rick and I still plugging away at our business venture. Found some more investors who a) have lots of money and b) are interested in spending it with us. If, of course, we can prove the investment to be solid. Which it is. And our kick-ass business plan illustrates that plainly. Couple more months, we hope.

Rick had an interview at Big Burrito. Nothing has really come of it. He though, erroneously, that they may have had an actual position open for him when he met with them. No so. They have "rotating needs" and they would contact him if any needs arose. We ran into the owner later at Soba Lounge. I had emailed him a way back about the "fast casual" concept at Chipotle, and how Mad Mex could successfully use that model in a neighborhood where there was lots of business lunchtime traffic--oh, say, Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. He emailed me back that while he admired their concept (Chipotle is currently owned by McDonalds--but they may be selling by year's end, I just learned), he wanted to stick with sit-down dining.

So I brought this email up to him again...after a few martoonies. He remembered the email--I sent it like a year ago--but still felt his initial reaction was correct. Hopefully I didn't come off like a complete ass.

Party = AOK

Our "Mmth" Annual Post-Thanksgiving Party was just the coolest party in the history of the known universe. And all of you CLEVELAND people who didn't drive 2.5 hours in the ice because you had to "work" at your "jobs", well you just have been knocked down a knotch on the with-it-meter.

More Weddings

My friends Krista and Larry are getting married. He proposed to her under the "Wedding Veil" falls in Seattle. (Everybody: awwwww!) There are getting hitched "sometime this March." Yikes. Lots of stuff to do in a wee little bit of time. Luckily she has me.

And here's a link to Dave and Tina's wedding picks, if you'd like to check 'em out. I'm pissed that we were not able to go due to our poopy financial situation--I'm thining of Photoshopping our pics into some of the party scenes.

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It's good. Long live the extremely liberal media.

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