Thursday, September 18, 2003

Favorite Artist Rendering of the Year
Here you go. Giant Guinea Pigs, roaming prehistoric marshes.

Rapid Update
Still very busy working at the Coffee Shop. Saturday I agreed to work 5:30 a - 1 p and then later that night 7 p to 12 a. Am I mad? At least I have Sunday off. Go Stillers.

Possible job prospect in the MBA mentoring program at Chatham College. Pay is crap, but benefits, including full tuition reimbursement, are VERY tempting. The campus is beautiful and within walking distance from our apartment.

More meetings at Pitt and a company called Akoya set up for the near future.

Rick busy with lots of things that I can't really post on the web until they're finalized. (Aren't you intrigued now?)

I keep meaning to post Vegas pics, but Rick keeps taking the Mac to the restaurant to work on his "plans." (Even more intriguing?)

Just finished reading a couple of books, listed over to the right. I highly recommend Gracie. It's a sweet book that makes you cry and laugh. And Harry Potter...c'mon. So it's all light reading for the past couple of weeks. Gotta balance out the really dry HR certification reading (test in December).

Quick Random Notes
There's a light rain and a brisk wind here in Pittsburgh. Hopefully this is all that Isabel will bring.
I discovered I make great homemade salsa and guacamole.
Our washer and dryer were finally installed.
I have a hickey.

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