Friday, May 09, 2003

Beer Vitamins
Tuesday night we were in the 'Burgh helping Rick celebrate the end of his semester. (You do things like this on weekdays when you marry a restaurant manager, ladies.) Headed over to Uncle Jimmy's, a venerable haunt on the Pitt drinking circuit. Yes, the pool tables may be crooked, and you may be able to carve figurines in the smoke clouds, but the beer is cheap and the company was good.

Lately my dive beer choice--mentioned in previous postings--is Miller High Life. It's a smooth beer, a bit sweet, and when you're used to drinking microbrews with 7.5% alcohol, you can have quite a few and still remain relatively lucid. So I'm chatting away with my hubby and Mr. Sill, when I removed my spectacles to wipe them off on my sweater. They snapped in half! Right down the bridge. Just exactly what are they putting in that beer?

I Am Blind
For the past couple of days I've been managing with my contact lenses and super-glued glasses, but as I'm off to Atlanta all next week, I wanted to be sure I had some new specs. So I went to Pearle Vision, where they initially took my prescription from an old, non-broken pair of glasses; placed the order and charged my credit card in about 15 minutes. Later that night I was second guessing the veracity of that Rx, so I made an appointment with the optometrist the next day. According to her, I'm a -7.25 in my right eye and a -6.50. That's very nearsighted. That means if I hold my palm anymore than 4 inches away from my face, I can no longer read my lifeline.

I Am Sensitive
My doctor also told me that I had "very large pupils," which explains why I am "extremely sensitive to light." I wonder if other large parts of my body contibute to my sensitivity. I do have a rather big booty.

Rick is picking me up for lunch, so I'm off. In Pittsburgh again this weekend for Miss Amanda's bachelorette party. And of course Mom's Day on Sunday. Hug your mom!

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