Sunday, March 30, 2003

A Catch Up
Hello again. Had quite a busy week at work. Launching a new product and I'm developing most of the inside sales training curriculum. Fun fun! Coming into Pittsburgh this coming weekend for Larry's going away party--assuming China is still letting people into the country. And Ms. Amanda's shower is this coming weekend as well. If you're reading this, Lady, you're presents from me are AWESOME.

Chock Full O' Goodness
Ma and Pa visited us this weekend. Hit all the Cleveland hotspots, including...Chipotle. There are none in the Pittsburgh area yet, and I don't think they have any plans to expand into PA because of their zany liquor laws. Did some shopping. Rick had an unusal Friday Saturday night off, so we met up with him and had wings and ribs at the Winking Lizard. Can't say I went hungry this weekend.

We Are So Gosh Durn Organized!
Rick had his review last week and got a tidy little raise, which was fortunately retroactive from the beginning of the year. We bought some kick ass office furniture with the cash. Two desks and two book shelves. Reorganized the back room and now it looks fantabulous. I will post some pix soon.

The Cats Are Pissed
We turned their little kitty world upside down today with all of the new furniture and disposing of mounds of trash. The bedroom, specifically under the bed, is normally their hiding place when we're say, vacuuming, but we'd disturbed that sanctuary. And the office...forget about it. So they got innovative with their hiding. Eno crammed herself inside a little pillow fort on the futon. And Casper? Well I actually have no idea where he hid, and he only just now reappeard. And he's giving us hell, so I'll be off now.

Good night!

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