Thursday, February 13, 2003

My postings have been focusing a lot on babies, homemaking and shopping these days. Christ on a cross, when did I get so dull? I am going to make Valentine's Day cupcakes tonight. Now that is exciting. Taking quite a risk turning that oven all the way up to 350 degrees. And there will be red sprinkles. Batten the hatches, Prudence McGillicutty!

Last Friday I spent an evening with my friend Karen, who has a 7-month-old baby boy. We ate leftover pasta and drank some really good wine, played with the baby (well, I played mostly with the baby's toys) and watched a show about Parisian luxury apartments. I remember thinking -- and I think I actually said outloud -- how much I was enjoying not hanging out in a loud, crowded, smokey bar--not having to worry about impressing or being 'on' for my company. And I really meant that...we had a nice, relaxing evening. But then I think my Id rebelled. After leaving Karen's I went to the GLBC and had a couple with my friend Carey (Scarey Carey, as she's known to the troops). Carey invited me to a loud, crowded, smokey storefront where there was an "art exhibit" (no art on the walls) and a punk rock show happening. It was awesome. It was raw and raucous. It was boozey and ebullient. It was very reminiscent of -- this is for all you Pittsburgh people -- Rickety Tuesdays/Thursdays, and the basement of the Chatam Coffee House. I felt, oh, 5-7 years younger. Yep, that would put it at about the right timeline. Carey introduced me to her friend Jake who pens an awesome comic called "Crosston." His work reminds me a bit of Adrian Tomine's. We all went to a party -- Ricky joined up later -- and drank in the kitchen until about 4:30. Then we went to Jake's and drank in his kitchen until 5:30. I hadn't done that in quite awhile, and I was pretty pleased with myself when I got home.

I remembered later that day why I don't do that anymore. My body hates me when I do that. But it was still fun.

Pittsburgh DIY
There was a really good article about the Mr. Robot Project in the Post-Gazette today. Check it out. And while you're at it, check out the (((microwaves))) and The Human Brains. Good stuff.

So much for activism
I received a rather pissy email response from a J. Washington from the Women's Health Network, who had asked to be cc'd on any communication sent to the president regarding the appointment of Dr. Hagar (see 2/11's posting). She told me that my information was "severely outdated" and that I should check their website for more current information. It appears to be no more current than my original source, Ms. Washington. Beg yer pardon.

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