Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Eno is the Computer Cat

She likes to lay on the desk while I type. Sometimes she stares at the screen and swats at the cursor with her paw. Probably not so good for a LCD flat screen, especially since she's not declawed.

This will be a short posting. Just wanted to relate an observation that Rick made about the kitties' bathroom habits. You all know we have three cats. We have two cat boxes. Somehow--and I didn't know that this type of higer order thinking was possible in the feline population-- the cats decided that one box was for Number 1 and the other box was for Number 2. How does this get organized?

Interestingly enough, the box for Number 2 is the covered box. They like their privacy too, I guess. Perhaps I should get them a kitty newspaper subsciption?

'Night, All.

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