Friday, October 11, 2002

It's the first blog post
It's the first blog post
Iiiit's Thaaaa FIRST BLOG POST!

I just searched google for other listings for Lady D as (no hyphen) was already "in use". The search turned up "", which is an "adult content" site. NOT mine. I am not the Chicago- based DJ, either. Lady D is a nickname a good friend gave to me after a drink I "invented" and served one summer about 4 years ago now. Or was the drink named after me? I can't remember now. It was quite a fuzzy summer. The drink is prepared thusly:

1/4 gallon of Captain Morgan's Coconut Rum
1 Fifth of Stoli (non-flavored variety)
1 large can of pineapple juice (I preferred Dole)
1 large bottle of orage-cranberry juice (I preffered Tropicanna Twisters)

Mix well. Serve in a fish tank at an alien-themed party. For best results, dance in a foil-covered room to ambient techno, or on rooftops while viewing fireworks.

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